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  1. Aokromes, yeah! Trinity server is alive and client`s files at last extracted! I pleased. Keyled, try extract data by your hands, extractors are working good with 7.1.0 now!
  2. triturus


    Nay, thank you! However open source sniffers is great code of good coders, though not update and old, but is available to the public.
  3. triturus


    This sniffer is open source, isn`t it? Where I can look his code?
  4. Keyled: Yeah, this is little problematic. May somebody linked in PM non-broken and full official 7.0.3 client for extracts? Find and download three torrents with 7.0.3 (22423), 7.0.3 (22594) and one of them is 7.0.3 (undefined) was downloded, but it was broken and not repaired from battle.net (launcher), launcher analyze and forcibly auto-update this to last revision of client 7.1.0 (23222). It's sad for me, because I have slow internet.
  5. Thank you very much, Aokromes! May I ask you a few question? Then, how to determine which version of the client need for the last revision of trinity? I have downloaded two version of client: 7.1.0 (22908) and 7.1.0 (23222), running the mapextractor in this wow clients binary location, but extractor send message "No locales detected". Interesting that in releases community give only one legion`s TDB 703.00 (not TDB 710.00) at this moment, does this mean that master branch need is 7.0.3 (22594) version of the client now to use of extractors from last revision?
  6. Hello, brokentechnology! Did you solve this issue? Can you help me with it? Client 7.1.0 (??????), then use mapextractor on it system reports this:
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