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  1. Okay thats no problem I'm going to check out link you sent to try and start my own server then. I would like to own a 3.3.5a, 6.2.4 and new 7.1.5 all in 1 server.. Ill get started on them and repost later on once i have 1 server running lol Thanks for the help CDawg
  2. Hello all I am still new to all this repack and owning a server stuff lol. Well I got a 3.3.5a server but i am trying to get a 6.2.4 server going as well but cant seem to link them both and run them at the same time either since they are both different repacks or expansions. Is there any way I can have multiple expansions going at once and all be linked together as 1 server in all??
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