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  1. Hello and thank you for having a look! So I have been playing around with getting the server to track a lot of mundane stats for fun and can get just about everything I want to work except for the difference between deaths to 10 and 25 man bosses. My method: I have inserted the proper achievements into the Achievements DBC/Criteria DBC , using the standard death to X template that is related to the most deadly lich king boss (10 and 25) then I created the entry into the world's Achievement_criteria_data file as ID Type Value1 Value2 x 12 0 0 For 10 x 12 1 0 for 25 This has worked on making differences in the other instances even in vanilla for tracking boss kills, 10 man ZG /25 man zg however it does not appear to work for deaths. Looking for the criteria data for the deadliest lich king boss 10 and 25 i found its actually missing all the entries so I tested it and the deaths to 25 man marrowgar counted as 10 and 25. I then thought maybe my achievements were not set up properly but my Criteria data was so I added in the ID Type Value1 Value2 x 12 0 0 For 10 x 12 1 0 for 25 for achievements criteria ID regarding those premade counters. Same result. If somebody has any some insight as to why this might not be working that would be fantastic as I am pretty stumped. I assume that it could be as easy as I have the wrong values for the criteria data but I don't see anything else that would work. Thank you for any help!
  2. The time is measured in milliseconds so it wouldn't be possible to have a zero time diff from opening and closing right away. When the player closes or edits the ticket it is supposed to update the time and for most of the time it is not at all so I am curious if anybody has tickets that actually update their time because about 85% of our tickets do not have any time diff at all
  3. Hello I am working on just some analytics for tickets and how long it takes to complete them on average however the server does not appear to modify the time "last modified" when a ticket is closed or completed. It looks like it only does it if the player modifies the text at some point, is there any reason for this? I remember seeing somewhere that there was an average ticket wait time estimation but where does it get those values if nothing is being stored when a ticket is being completed/closed. Or is that time stored elsewhere? Thanks for any insights!
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