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  1. Connecting Remotely To Soap

    I restarted my machine and its magically working. Wonder what would have been hanging the soap remote authentication up?
  2. Connecting Remotely To Soap

    To give some clarification, is my webserver and is my trinity core machine. The error message i receive on the webpage says "could not connect to host"
  3. Connecting Remotely To Soap

    Yes, The account is level 3 GM
  4. Connecting Remotely To Soap

    I tried another capture with my firewall open and this is what i found. Looks like soap responds, but not sure what it means. Soap Communicstion Soap Response.pcapng
  5. Connecting Remotely To Soap

    Thanks for the heads up on the SQL password, i'll make sure to change it, although its on a local network only. I am using the WOTLK branch (is that what you're asking?) I've tried disabling the windows firewall all together to see if it was blocking any ports. I've tried several ports with the same results. I've attached a wireshark capture, you can see the request comes into the machine running soap, but no ack is made.
  6. I am attempting to allow a php script to connect remotely to soap, but soap does not seem to be listening on the default port 7878. I've attempted to change the port to see if any changes occur and do not see any results. Trinity Core is installed on Windows 7 pro. I've used an elevated CMD netstat -a -b and cannot see the specified port listed. I have enabled soap and RA in the config file. Any ideas on where i can look? Soap Connection issue.pdf Soap Connection issue Soap Connection Issue.pcapng
  7. 3.3.5a WOTLK Client for Mac

    I've downloaded the torrent, but when i open the app, it says "the application can't be opened". Any ideas?
  8. Does anyone know where i can find a client for mac?