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  1. Hi, I don't know if this it the right place to post this since it doesn't strictly relate to Trinity Core but is there publicly available documentation somewhere that details (at the byte level) all the messages that the vanilla wow client will send to and expect from the server, By that i mean everything ranging from the logging in information the client sends and the servers response to the server telling the client an item appeared in its inventory at a certain slot to registering entities on the client(like players, npc's, mineral nodes etc) and updating their positions and other attributes and everything else. And with that what connections the client makes (for example does the client have to connect directly to instance servers or is the client always connected to one server that forwards information appropriately) and also what protocols are used for each connection (TCP/IP or UDP). I half assume every team trying to create an emulator doesn't reverse engineer this information from scratch (but I could be wrong, I'm unfamiliar with the wow emulation scene). Any links to resources or advice to obtain resources much appreciated!
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