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  1. I've seen it mentioned elsewhere that the wowmortal client / launcher has a Bitcoin miner within it. This could potentially be eating CPU cycles and showing the drop in performance you are experiencing here.
  2. Any quest that is part of a chain currently seems to jump straight to quest accepted (it is added to the quest log) and in the worldserver log I am seeing: "Guid: GUID Full: 0x20000400002FE5000000000000000028 Type: Creature Entry: 49044 Low: 40 - No quest greeting found." Is this pointing to a DB issue? I'm using TDB_full_720.00_2017_04_18.7z - and TrinityCore rev. b8dc4df22098 I've attached my Server.log This is starting a new Undead, accepting Fresh out of the grave and handing it in. Server.log
  3. Wow, now I do feel stupid. All working now - sorry for wasting your time! Feel free to delete.
  4. Hi all. I have freshly compiled a 64-bit build from the master branch using the instructions in the wiki. Everything is working correctly (everything extracted, db installed and sql loaded by worldserver). My only stumbling block is I am unable to type in the bnetserver window to create my account. Last line in the window is "Login service bound to", but I am unable to type after that. Running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Creators Update. Any help appreciated.
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