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  1. Hello, I do not know where to get the help hope I am here, if not I'm really sorry have the problem Description: Problem with npcbots to spawn not possible Current behaviour: if I make .npcb loo 1 (for Kríeger) and ID example: .npc add 70224 spawn no npcbots Expected behaviour: npcbots to spawn not possible Steps to reproduce the problem: https://picload.org/view/daiodwpw/1.jpg.html if I make .npcb loo 1 (for Kríeger) or .npc add 70224 spawn no npcbots So in creature_template all are in there 70001 to 70246 if I add .npc add 70224 it does not work but he creates it in world creature and do not create it in characters_npcbot If I add it to characters_npcbot, the server crashes Branch(es): bots-test (335) https://github.com/livingsacrifice/TrinityCore/tree/bots-test TC rev. hash/commit: TrinityCore rev. 19820ac 2018-03-16 13:44:13 -0500 (bots-test branch) (Win64, Release, Static) (worldserver-daemon) Using SSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2k 26 Jan 2017 (library: OpenSSL 1.0.0q 15 Jan 2015) Using Boost version: 1.63.0 Using MySQL version: 5.6.36 Using CMake version: 3.8.0 Using World DB: TDB 335.63 Visual studio 2015 Community Operating system: Windows 10 Home x64
  2. Hello dear people, There is no possibility of a 6.2 3 or 6.2.4 as Lan wants to start full client offline Party play but the client always says no internet connection when I start. It should give a patcher.exe that is possible but it is not synonymous. I have tested many. I move the Wow.exe In the patcher.exe nothing starts and again the same. I want to play 6.2.3 or 6.2.4 offline without internet connection. Could one say how that is possible.
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