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  1. Hi, I notice that the wordl server display a message when he think that a player is cheating. I would like to know if there a way to get the all the server log messages using php (or another way). I notice that the file Server.log contain some logs but not all of them for me the log stop at : "TrinityCore rev. e86a2c439aa2 2017-12-17 16:45:50 +0100 (master branch) (Win64, RelWithDebInfo, Static) (worldserver-daemon) ready..." And even if there other logs after it doesn't record. So my questions are: - is there a way to get the log of the worldserver using a coding language or command ? - is there a way to update the Server.log file with the current log message of the server using a coding language or command ?
  2. Thank you for that Shauren, didn't notice this function exist. For those who are interest on how to select wich player can connect when the server is full here is my solution, ps: you need to have a website where you can execute gm command using soap connection: Let's say you want to limit the amount of player to 100 - server info to get the number of player - if there is >=90 players connected -> server plimit -1 -> this will only allow moderators and higer to log in - so you need to set the gm level of all the account you want to allow the connection with this command -> account set gmlevel - the problem is, you might not want these players to execute gm command (even level 1 gm command) - one way to solve this problem would be to change the permission in world.command (wich mean that a moderator cannot execute gm command because the minimum level to execute a gm command would be gm minimum) Here I didn't change the permission but if i execute this sql command : UPDATE world.command SET permission=376 WHERE name='gm fly'; Every moderators would be able to use the "gm fly" command because the permission 376 is link to level 1 account (moderator) So now online the selected player can log in and can't execute gm command - when there is <90 players -> server plimit reset And every one can log in Tell me what you think about that
  3. I think one way to disconnect a user is to ban his account and then unban the account just after, and the player will be disconnected.
  4. Thank you Aokromes, I have found the message now.
  5. I'm currently developping a web site to allow user to create an account and play in the game. For that I'm using soap connection, this way I can execute gm command from my website. (like bnetaccount create ...) I was wondering, if one day I have a lot of players and I need to limit the amount of players who can be connect in the game at the same time. But I want to choose (I will not choose my self I will create a php script for that) wich one can connect or not. So my questions are: - is there a way to know when a user try to connect in game, I mean a request is send to my website (or another way)? how? - if yes can I avoid the connection to the game? how? - is there a way to disconnect a user in the game using soap command (or another way)? how? Because here https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130065/GM+Commands I can't find a command to disconnect a player Thank you for your help.
  6. When I log in to the game I have this message "Welcome to a Trinity Core Server". Where is the table to change this message ? Thank you
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