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  1. I have a 255 level repack, the repack starts well when I create a character, it is not created and I throw an error like the image I see in database characters I see the character that is created, the default race is 0, obviously, it never has to be 0 in race there but that happens to me and in worldserver I get a db error, I don't know why I have never modified anything or am adding race custon, how can I solve this error, friends, can you please help me?
  2. I am using rev 61 trinitycore I compiled it I assembled the repack everything fine I started the server now I have errors Error 1 Unknown item (entry=2711) in creature_equip_template.itemEntry1 for entry = 6 and id=1, forced to 0. I change the ID to 0, there it tells me because it is in 1 and now I get this error that I do not understand what to do Error 1 Creature equipment template with id 0 found for creature 6, skipped. How can I solve this error friends?
  3. hello I need help please I want to create a character but do not believe and error Player 18171 has incorrect race/class pair. Can't init display ids. Race (0) not found in DBC: wrong DBC files? How can I solve it is 3.3.5 trinitycore
  4. hello I need help as you see in the photo the mount came out ugly I took it from the client bfa I converted it to work in wotlk it comes out as well as the photo how can I improve
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