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  1. Yep that would more than likely be easier the method i found seems to be working well tho with no issues other than having to add it every time compiling is done.
  2. Had some help tracking it down. It's under MAIN.CPP files for both world and realm Before Main.CPP After MAIN.CPP Removed the cfg_def_file due to it was not finding the normal conf paths.
  3. I have added those strings and fully compiled but World server and Auth Server are still unable to read config files from folder of choice. Says Error: invalid or missing default configuration file cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=C:\trinitycore -DCONF_DIR=/conf -DLIBSDIR=/lib -DMYSQL_LIBRARY=C:/MySQL/lib_64/libmysql.lib -DSERVERS=1 Is the line i came up and it fully compiles world and auth files.
  4. Yeah still confused my self on how i would change the directories for config / data files
  5. And how would i be able to do this? only know the basics of cmake for compiling
  6. Yeah don't seem to be in there also possibly needs to be configured in the source with windows? Unsure where it would be in there not much of a coder but can edit
  7. Ok in cmake i have Install_PREFIX don't see a CONF_DIR or anything of the sort.
  8. Windows and will try it now thanks.
  9. Hello i been trying to figure out how to change all my .dist and .conf file locations to lets say /server/conf how would one do this?
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