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  1. I am using MySQL 5.6. Can you tell me more about how to apply the updates? In the four folders (auth, world, characters and hotfixes) there are over three hundred files. I can't imagine that I'm supposed to execute each file one at a time in MySQL Workbench. How am I supposed to apply these?
  2. How do I apply the SQL update files located in SQL\updates to bring my server up from 7.3.5 to 8.1.5? I have downloaded the current master branch(, compiled it using vmaps, mmaps, gt, dbc and cameras files extracted from the latest retail client (8.1.5 30706). When I launch worldserver.exe I see it populating the databases from the included SQL files (TDB_world_735.00_2018_02_19.sql and TDB_hotfixes_735.00_2018_02_19.sql). The problem is that when I then exit and restart worldserver.exe I get about 80,000 errors like the following: SmartAIMgr::LoadSmartAIFromDB: Entry 18931 SourceType 0, Event 3, Link Source Event not found or invalid. Event will never trigger. SmartAIMgr: Entry 2225800 SourceType 9 Event 7 Action 11 uses non-existent Spell entry 38679, skipped. TSCR: DB table script_waypoint has waypoint for creature entry 17238, but creature does not have ScriptName defined and then useless. Table `waypoint_scripts` uses deprecated direct updatefield modify command SCRIPT_COMMAND_FIELD_SET_DEPRECATED for script id 463 Scriptname: `spell_hun_improved_mend_pet` spell (Id: -19572) does not exist. etc I can log in to the server and create a new character, but the game is broken (no exclamation points showing for quests, can't cast spells, etc). When I run SELECT * FROM 'VERSION' my database version is still 7.3.5 even though I see in the SQL\updates folders there are .sql files that look like they'll update the version of my databases to 8.1.5. But when I attempt to execute them I get SQL errors so I don't think I am applying these update files correctly. Help, please?
  3. I figured it out. I still had set in a couple of places. I had to change the IP address in the following locations: Database: auth.realmlist.address and auth.realmlist.localaddress to 10.x.y.z bnetserver.conf: LoginREST.ExternalAddress=10.x.y.z LoginREST.LocalAddress=10.x.y.z Client: World of Warcraft\ _retail_\WTF\Config.wtf SET portal "10.x.y.z"
  4. Hello all, I have stood up a Master server based on the 8.1.5 (30706 x64) retail client, but I cannot figure out how to connect to it. The installation documents say "you will need a custom client launcher (not provided) to connect to master branch server." but I'm stuck. I found the Arctium WoW Client Launcher but when I put it in the root directory and execute it, it launches the game client and get a "You have been disconnected" error when I type in my credentials. What am I doing wrong? What step(s) have I missed?
  5. nevermind. figured it out.
  6. Quick question: Is the Trinity application stateless? Not so quick question: If I have the MySQL database on a highly available cluster, and install the executable on an application server, could I clone the application server and put all of the app server nodes behind a load balancer? I'm thiking about building a server on AWS and my design would be: internet --> elastic load balancer -- application server pool -- RDS MySQL Has anyone had any success with building a highly-available and highly scaleable Trinity Core install?
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