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  1. How to create CUSTOM XP consumable (Trinity) ? I need to make consumable to give me max lvl ?
  2. How to create quest with XP reward? I use 10 programs but still doesnt see how to make quest with XP reward ? My point is to create quest with max lvl xp reward ? How i can do this ? I made one quest but i dont know how to add xp reward ... i dont see xp reward option please help. I am using trinity and trinity creator
  3. Hello guys how ot make a new account gm level 4 ? I am asking because SOAP needs account level 4 and i know only the console is level 4, so how to create new account for soap and make it GM Level 4 ? I am using TrinityCore PP: i tryed to see the topic with question but Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
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