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  1. Hey csanburn - I have the same Problem - but in my Linux setup there is no scenariopackets.h any Idea ?
  2. So - think I was able to fix this myself by downloading an english client version ... and all was fine
  3. Hey all, i hope that I am right here with my request - was not sure where to adress ist elsewhere - did not want to open a git issue :/ I have some trouble after I assemble the vmaps with vmap4assembler. I am using master branch to build all things. So far everything was working till the assembly. I am running Debian9.11 - freshly installed. I get an error: Error reading ModelSpawn, file name too long! - Stops at Map532 and then jumps to the calculation - no more maps after 532 get processed it seems and extractor stops with Calculating model bounds for map 532... readfail, op = 0 Creating map tree for map 532... Converting Model Files Converting readfail, op = 0 error converting exit with errors Hope I posted all at the right position here Thanks a lot for helping in advance!!
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