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  1. hello, never mind, found it. just had to add bonus set at the end. .additem ITEM 1 BONUSSET, if anyone else has the issue. e.g. .additem 113927 1 566 for kromog's fist. cheers!
  2. thanks. any idea if/when they will be available?
  3. thanks for the reply, it seems to work after a full build. Another couple questions if I may, - when I try to create an allied race, it tells me I need to have BFA. I modified expansion to 8 (even tried 9) both in the account table and in the worldserver.conf, but even after a restart the error does not disappear - I imported TBD_FULL_820xxx via worldserver.exe, but when I run the server, I get 100's of errors, like Gameobject (Entry: 181102 GoType: 22) have data0=7001 but Spell (Entry 7001) not exist. Spell Id 141825 has DBC ProcFlags 16777216, but it's of non-proc aura type, it probably needs an entry in `spell_proc` table to be handled correctly.Spell Id 141825 has DBC ProcFlags 16777216, but it's of non-proc aura type, it probably needs an entry in `spell_proc` table to be handled correctly. No model data exist for `CreatureDisplayID` = 77068 listed by creature (Entry: 135627). etc etc. is that correct? I correctly imported maps, mmaps, vmaps etc. and the database import did not apparently give errors. your help appreciated! ty michele
  4. hi all, another topic. I looked around for that one but couldn't find an answer. I dowloaded the most recent trinity core repack and am using wow client. I can easily login but get stuck at 'logging in to server'. can't see anything in the logs folder. If I use an older version of wow (8.0.28xxx) and downgrade the realm version in auth/realmlist, everythig works fine. Can't understand what I am doing wrong. Any idea? I'm happy to provide more detail... if you let me know what exactly you need. thanks Michele
  5. hello all, new poster here looking for help. I am using trinity core and wow 8.01. I would like to add some item sets on my chars and cannot understand how to add raid finder sets. For example, https://www.wowhead.com/item-set=1290/regalia-of-shackled-elements when I add the set, I only get the normal set. the raid finder items are nowhere to be found. If I look up the item # in wowhead, it doesn't change from lfr to normal to heroic or mythic. it seems to just be considered a recolor. Same happens if I add the single sets item, they only get the normal set color, not LFR or mythic or whatever else. So the question is, any idea how I can add a LFR item with the LFR color? Hope I have been clear, and thanks in advance for your help. cheers Michele
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