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  1. Oh thanks for the reply, just checked, and yeah, i was working on the website (armory like) today and i noticed there is no relation between character table and realm, not even passing by a double relation with the account, I assumed I had to separate them, and, it also made sense the triple connection info in the world server.com for each table thanks for the enlightenment.
  2. Good evening I have 1 PVE realm up and running since few months, now i'd like to start a second PVP realm, based on the existing mysql server. Following the setup guide, i run the following steps on the second box: created an unprivileged account (linux talking, sorry) "scp"ed/rsynced the whole server folder from working box. fixed file/directory ownership and permission created in mysql auth.realmlist table a second entry with different name, flag (2 for pvp), external ip (the second machine) and noted the assigned ID modified ~/server/etc/authserver.conf mysql connection string from localhost to real ip of working server dbupdate settings disabled (all db operations are performed on first server) modified ~/server/etc/worldserver.conf mysql connection string localhost to real ip of working server dbupdate settings disabled (all db operations are performed on first server) modified the realmID with the one from the database (2 actually) modified realm settings required for pvp and xp boost disabled AH Bot fixed mysql access for trinity database user from second server fixed iptables opening 3724 and 8085 ports ignored bin/authserver since logons are done against first server and run /bin/worldserver Everything seems to start correctly, when i login on the client i swap realm and select the second one, though it keep presenting me chatacter from 1st realm. What i forgot?
  3. Oh cool thanks for the reply. :) Deleting now and by when/if needed, after lurking deeper the forum, i took the idea about setting up a local VM with plenty of space to host client and extractors locally and upload the results
  4. Hi guys i'm new with custom private server, i followed your wiki guide for 3.3.5a (i had that client handy and your guide discourage starters to work with 7.x) The guide was crystalline, all went smooth, core compilation, database setup, everything. The problem is this, to use the extraction tools (Ubuntu linux box), i had to copy the Windows 3.3.5a client (stripped of my unnecessary addons and WTF addon's settings) on the server, using little less than 20 Gb space. Being a low cost VPS (testing purpose only) i had little space available (40 Gb) At the end of setup, launched auth and world servers, and played a couple of hours, i checkd the server and i have less than 1 Gb free: # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on ... /dev/mapper/vg-lv_root 38G 36G 707M 99% / ... In the guide i read the source folder (pulled from github) is required to start ./worldserver But i can't find anything about the client folder used for the map, mmap, etc... extraction Can the client be safely removed? or is it necessary for future updates?
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