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  1. Hello Aokromes, Yes, i have wow 8.2 retail from arctium but, all files is on data01, data02, .... non files for extract
  2. HAil all, I can't extrator maps, dbc... i have retail version full downloaded, but impossible to extract... Anyone has one idea ? Thanks for your help
  3. =====[ English ]===== Hello, First of all I'm sorry if my english is not good, it's the use of Mr Google translation That's after years I restart in a WoW private server. I thank everyone who gives their time to help TrinityCore evolve. I appeal to the community because I can not find the dbc-cameras-vmaps-maps-mmaps-gt files of master I have the official version of the game in 8.2.5 and going through Arctium I do not have the data to extract all that, or else I get it wrong. Would anyone be kind enough to share all these extracted files please? Tha
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