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  1. I just checked it out and the only thing it get right, is the item name. Edit: So I finally managed to figure out a bit more about where the stats are stored, I found the suffix scale which calculate it. But I have yet to find out how to calculate the suffix factor to get the right numbers.
  2. I'm making a website for a server. But I have an issue getting items tooltip to work properly on it, I managed to get what kind of stats the item have (e.g. Spirit and Stamina) but I have no idea where the amount is stored. I'm guessing it have something to do with randomPropertyId. But even if two items have the same randomPropertyId, they have widely different stats amounts. Can anyone here help me? Edit: By reading ItemRandomSuffix.dbc I manage to find the suffix "of the X" so I know what the item is named. But so far I haven't find anyway to get the stats from it, right now I probably going to go with "<Random Enchantment>" until I know how to show the proper stats
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