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  1. I found the solution. I did extract and copy the mmap, but I forgot to manually enable mmap in the worldserver.conf with "mmap.enablePathFinding = 1". The TrinityCore Installation Guide does not mention this step, so I thought the mmap would automatically be detected like the vmap. I think this step should be added to the guide. Without manually enabling mmap, enemies walk through cave walls and random mobs stand still on the world map despite having extracted and copied the mmap directory. Other than that detail, I think the installation guide is very well written and complete.
  2. I followed the Trinity Core installation guide for the 3.3.5 branch on Arch (manjaro) linux. I did all the steps and extractions. Everything is working as far as I can tell. The only strange behavior I see when playing is that mobs and critters without way points just stand around, waiting for me to aggro them. I'm used to seeing mobs wander around randomly. NPCs and enemies with way points do move. Line of sight works when casting spells. Hostile enemies also attack when I come near them and follow me when I retreat. Normal combat behavior. I checked the database and about half the creatures have a MovementType 1 and a non-zero wander_distance. Is this normal mob behavior or am I missing something?
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