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  1. Issue was problem with 32bit WOW.EXE I got some help in Discord Thank you Kisshu. Client is now connecting using a 64bit client This can be closed
  2. My source IS the Cataclysm Preservation Project (TrinityCore rev. d0c7bbab40bc 2020-05-06 00:01:21 +0200) latest commit Realmlist is good: "1" "Trinity" "" "" "" "8085" "0" "0" "1" "0" "0" "15595" "2" "1" All firewall ports created using the exe so ALL ports open Config.wtf AND realmlist.wtf in the data locale directory are set to IP of server And yes, the conf files for both the bnet and world servers are spot on. After my testing I think the issue is the client locale - even after patching the wow.exe successfully, the client still has: 5/7 16:36:16.436 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK 5/7 16:36:16.661 Failed to resolve 16:36:16.678 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: DISCONNECTED I am testing a enUS client at the moment - no working yet - patching it gives different problem The connection_patcher with current 4.3.4 says it patched successfully, but its behavior is not
  3. Update: I can see in client logs: 5/7 16:36:16.436 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK 5/7 16:36:16.661 Failed to resolve 5/7 16:36:16.678 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: DISCONNECTED But I have already patched! I use Wow_Patched and I can also see Battle.net_Patched.dll What else is different about 4.3.4 that I need to know that might cause client to not connect?
  4. I recently found the Trinity Cataclsym Preservation Project and thought I will try it out. I am already running 3.3.5a and Master - both server run great Pulled 4.3.4 down using Git and built it same way as others: boost_1_73_0 cmake 3.17.2 Mysql 5.7.30 VS Community 2019 Built fine - no issue. Used 'Extractor.bat' to run all the map extractors - worked great! Noticed there was extra file 'connection_patcher.exe`, ran that - worked great! Now have "wow_patched" and use this to launch client MySQL runs in standalone mode, -initialize, added base sql files, imported, auth and character sql files Configured both the .conf files and passwords, IPs etc are all in place. Note: When loading the exe and built conf file, bnetserver complain about these items missing, so I add them: Updates.AutoSetup = 1 Updates.EnableDatabases = 0 LoginDatabase.SynchThreads = 1 Load up Mysql - loads fine Load up bnetserver and appears to load ok - last few lines look like this: Connected to MySQL database at DatabasePool 'auth' opened successfully. 2 total connections running. Started auth database connection pool. Listening on connections from worldservers on port 1118... Load up worldserver and it adds the FULL world and hotfixes, then applied all updates (confirmed archived in SQL) - last few lines look like this: Calculate next monthly quest reset time... Calculate random battleground reset time... Calculate guild limitation(s) reset time... Calculate next currency reset time... World initialized in 0 minutes 13 seconds TrinityCore rev. d0c7bbab40bc 2020-05-06 00:01:21 +0200 (master branch) (Win64, RelWithDebInfo, Static) (worldserver-daemon) ready... There are no db errors in logs. Config.wtf contain portal, realmlist as remote server and patchlist as localhost. When I try to connecting using "user@local" and password I get immediately disconnected. What I did noticed different is that the bnetserver doesnt add "Added realm "Battle for Azeroth" at" (From my Master log) 3.3.5a also have this line as last line in authserver - but 4.3.4 is not giving me this one. Realmlist table is accurate with right information. Anyone know why bnetserver is not starting me realm?
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