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  1. Love this Dev. so far, so do my players, have ran into some issues with quests on the Death Knight Starting Area. The Quest [Massacre at Lights Point] is bugged for all races (MIne cart quest) apparently the object cannot be selected by the player in order to start the quest, Quest [An End to All Things] While Riding the dragon, killing the soldiers works perfect, however the catapults are evade bugged, the dragon is only capable of doing 50% damage to the catapults before the evade out and heal back to 100% thus rendering the quest not viable either. and [The Lights Dawn] which is the final quest is completely bugged out, the undead army launches forward however the army of the light never shows up at lights hope to enable the battle. There are a few other bugs I'd like to report but this one is major and idealy game breaking due to the fact that it completely nullifies the Death Knight Class as they start out at level 55 in their own instance zone and the quests are linear in the beginning to get out and 3 of the major quests are extremely flawed without GM intervention the players can't play. Also while we're at it. Could you look into the Hunters Pet Tame quests for all races as well. the 3rd one especially bugs out. This skill is needed for taming pets. Thanks!
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