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  1. It should generate a log file somewhere in the worldserver.exe directory. Try reading through that and find out what is wrong.
  2. Ehm, I prefer not to share it in public. However, what I notice with the old cata (not giving any names to prevent down takes too soon for you) mini file, they had an extra zip file to upgrade the cinematics part and add a bunch of .dll files to the mini client. This extra part is still available for download here https://mega.nz/file/BYpwyKpJ#1H4ZZ0BQc7VEb8IXUbc611ZZk7Km7c7WIMgW3eekhmQ (after some webcrawling I found this one) They removed the download for the mini client. The succesfull return I get then is the following picture:
  3. Personally, I missed the part in the wiki on the TCPP github page where they state about the TCPP patcher. However, after going through some old version of the Atlassian wiki for TC I found this: Get latest connection_patcher (from your build/RelWithDebInfo folder when compiling with tools) and apply wow.exe and/or wow64.exe on it by using the command console or drag&drop the exe files over the connection_patcher. WoW_Patched.exe or Wow-64_Patched.exe have been created, use this from now on. Change Config.wtf: SET portal "<IP address used in realmlist table>" The IP in the Config.wtf file should be exactly the same as the IP address you entered in the realmlist table above. (Example: SET portal "") NOTE YOU MUST RUN CONNECTION PATCHER ON EVERY CLIENT PC. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=74006268&pageVersion=1 Besides that I renamed the patched files back to their original names (wow.exe)
  4. Isn't boost installed in the "C:/local/" directory by default?
  5. It is not easy to help you with this little amount of information. What OS? (Probably Windows) It says it can not find your Visual Studio. Please check the requirements for the installation in the installation guide.
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