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  1. So I bit the bullet and setup my Windows PC to compile the connection_patcher software, and it worked! At least the 32 bit did. When I got to the 64 bit stuff I had some problems. I'm getting a message of "EX: unable to find pattern" when I try to run connection patcher with Wow-64.exe. I do have Battle.net-64.dll present by the way. Any thoughts?
  2. One thing I do notice between the screen shots provided above is that Lucian_by is running the patch from Unix, while Not-A-Potato is running this from Windows. Personally I'm now running into the same issue as Lucian - I get the same error message when I run the connection_patcher from Ubuntu 20.04 command line for the client I am using in the build - Map extraction, etc. The connection_patcher won't run in the windows environment, and neither will it complete the patch work on the client I've copied across. I'm trying to setup a server VM using Ubuntu 20.04 while using Windows 10 for the client-side things. Is there anything I can do to patch out the executable short of downloading and compiling the code - and therefore the connection_patcher in windows as well?
  3. Good Evening Uee, I am having the same problem you have been, and I hope that I might be able to replicate that solution. Could you tell me what you did, or else let me know where I can find the discussion?
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