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  1. Hi Aokromes, Thanks you and one llast question please. Do I need to edit any conf files or anything before I compile these?
  2. Hi Jinnai, I want to make sure I understand your statement if you dont mind. By Client do you mean the TrinityCore folder or do I need to actually upload the files from the 3.3.5 WoW client? If so, where do these files need to be copied to? BTW, if applicable, I am asking because I didnt see anything in the instructions to do this. Appreciate the additional assistance here!
  3. Hi, Just wanted to check and see if anyone had a chance to review this post. Thanks for all your help
  4. Hi guys, I followed the guide for setting up wotlk on Linux/Ubuntu but I am stuck on step 3. Everything worked fine with no errors until I got to running mapextractor where I got "No locales detected" as shown in the attached screenshot. Did I miss a prereq or step along the way? Thanks for your time
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