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  1. Wonderful info, Much appreciated!
  2. Quick follow up to this, @Jinnai if you're still around. Can you tell me where you took that screenshot from? I'm assuming it's a web/php version of a query to the database, looked around on this site and saw there were some old projects (2012-2014) for something like, but I couldn't find anything current.
  3. Thank you for your response. I didn't quite understand the reference table when I was reading through originally but it's starting to make more sense now that you put it this way. And of course I'm losing those references with my join, so I'll have to rethink the approach. This is quite helpful, now I have something more to play with, thanks again!
  4. Hi there. I'm helping some friends with a sql project, trying to utilize the various tables within trinitycore 3.3.5a. I downloaded world database from TDB 335.21061 and have been working with that. I've read through the help pages on the confluence site, which were quite helpful in establishing relationships thus far. I've been able to transform most of what I was after, but I'm running into a snag with the creature_loot_template table. Either I'm misunderstanding the relationship with this table and creature_template, or the version of the table I have is missing some data. select cl.Entry, c.name, c.minlevel, c.rank, i.name, i.entry from test.creature_loot_template cl inner join test.creature_template c on cl.Entry=c.lootid inner join test.item_template i on cl.Item=i.entry where c.entry = 39168 ^ Running this gives me The Lich King (3) 's loot, aka Heroic Lich King 25's loot. But when I run it, I only see the "items" that drop from him, not the gear. The ultimate goal is to tie the gear in with the item_template table. I thought I was onto something with the creature_loot_table, but again only saw items. I'm wondering if maybe I didn't get the full table? Or maybe that info is somewhere else. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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