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  1. Thanks that is very helpful. I'll test it soon. Is the 0x800 a blizzard's flag or did u add that to make a server side flag?
  2. I did remove that yet it did could not despawn it for some reason. However if I switch my Player* to an instanced map then it disappears.
  3. Is it because of a limitation in WOTLK or Trinity?
  4. Couldn't find the GameObject using the gobject near command nor through VisitNearbyGridObject pattern. What is the default phase of transport gameobjects :)?
  5. Hi, I've tried everything but I cannot hide a transport object like the ships in Howling Fjord from other phases like all other objects do. I changed my phaseMask to 2 yet I can see the ships. Infact I don't know how its spawned either as its not in the gameobject table. Could any one give a few pointers to solve this issue?
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