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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there, I'm currently trying to find information & documentation regarding the creation of quests for the master-branch of TrinityCore (at the time being, for 8.3.0). All the resources I could find are for 3.3.5. Does anyone here have some guidelines available on how to create custom content for the master-branch?
  2. QuestID: 40077 wowheadlink: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=40077/the-invasion-begins Problem: In my quest_template table there is no "RequiredNpcOrGo" and no "RequiredNpcOrGoCount". Also thereĀ“s no "RequiredItemCount" or "RequiredItemID". So where should I put in how many NPC you have to kill and which NPCs.
  3. I pull trinitycore 6.x version ace9c1af994666dacc37ae03487be7ffcd4112b5 from github after build it ,and login to the server,I try to start the game,and found that the quest of game is english My locale is zhCN I read some help,and change account locale in the auth.account table, insert some quest data into quest_template_locale with mysql locale. restart the world server and login again into the server,and found the same quest is still in English. How could I set,and when the world database can contain all the locale data in my local?? I only found some language locale in forum.
  4. In AzureWatch there's a quest called "Learning the Language" where on the 3.3.5a server the quest chain completes as it should: you get the book and read it before that quest can complete and continue on to the quest given by the totem. On the 6.x server once you accept the quest for the book the quest auto-completes (like the trigger is ignored or bypassed) and is ready to hand in at the totem before the book/primer is read. Does this happen because of a dbc/core mismatch due to the client being updated that are not yet reflected in the core? ie.,. opcodes that changed. Or is this something in the data itself within the database?
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