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Reset all RealmFirst! achievement


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Hi all, how can i reset all RealmFirst achievements on the server so they are again obtainable?

Some realmfirst (lich king, malygos, algalon) do not give the realmfirst and i think due to imported characters with already that achievement.

Sorry for my eventual bad english.

Thanks a lot

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There are several options:

There is a check for the realm first achievement across the characters once the event happens.

QueryResult result = CharacterDatabase.Query("SELECT achievement FROM character_achievement GROUP BY achievement");

The safest method is to delete that character. You may have to restart the server before a new player reaches level 80, first class, first kill, etc... after the rewards were stripped from the player. If it was a GM that received the achievement, then just delete it. If it's a player, you will have to strip it from character_achievement, including character_achievement_progress.

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