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Stuck at Authenticating

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Sorry, solved the problem. Everything had said put the port into the RealmList. Removing the port worked for me.

Please close




I've tried clicking on the "read this before posting" link but it appears broken so sorry if this question would have been answered in there.

This is also my first time so this may be a stupid question.

I have installed AzerothCore and it seems to be working correctly. All ips address (realmlist, mysql, conf) are I am connecting from a client on the server (in the first instance).

When i enter my username/password I get stuck on the "Authenticating" screen. I have left it running for over 10 minutes.

My system is running Ubuntu (UFW is turned off) and I'm starting the client under Wine (obviously).

AzerothCore - 3.3.5a

Client - 3.3.5a Truewow

I have tried to work out what the problem is but I'm unsure where to start.



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