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Addition to Linux Core Installation guide

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At the end of the guide, where it says to install MySQL and check to see if MyISAM and InnoDB engines are enabled. But it doesn't tell you how to check that. Nor does it tell you that you have to make a new root account for MySQL.

The way that's done:

Open the terminal

Type in: MySQL

If it's the first time you're installing MySQL, you'll be given various prompts about default settings. The one we're interested in, is adding a password to the root MySQL account. Remember it, and you'll be given two prompts. One to input the password, and a second one to retype it.

Once that's done, you'll have access to the MySQL terminal.

In the new prompt, type:


And that will show a list of the installed database engines. You may want to copy the text from the Linux terminal to a text editor, to have it formatted properly.

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