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Windows 10 Network, No Connection

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I have looked in numerous places, and can't seem to find the answer I am seeking. I have installed TC on Win7, and never had issues with this, but it seems Win10 is saying no.

Basically, I am just trying to get the connection live so that only I can access my server when I am abroad with my laptop. I am only runningĀ  3.3.5, and have forwarded both ports, 3724 & 8085. It feels like it's getting sent out, but it won't receive. Of course, as long as I am on the server comp, and using local, it has no issues, but it won't connect on the network level either. I have spent the better part of two days now trying to scour through to find this for myself, but as I said, no luck. Any and all help would be helpful.

A little more detail: when entering login info, it just says 'connecting', than times out. I feel there might be something I am missing, but for the life of me can't figure it out...so, I am asking for help. Bare with me, I am older, and prefer detailed step by step, or you can even point me in the right direction for this information.


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