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Some minimum hardware requirements (cloud and metal)

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I rolled a docker container of 3.3.5 and have been testing it on various systems. I've been running a small private server for a few weeks (mostly for my wife and I), and I migrated the database to my docker instance so we could play on my test systems. I found that Linode's smallest node (1G ram, 1 core) is too small to even start the server on, but the next highest one (2G ram, 1 core) is perfectly adequate to run on, though @ 61% memory use. Not sure how it scales above 2 people, but that's worth watching if you want to open your server up to others.

If you want to run a server at home, I spun an instance up on a tiny AMD T48E, thats a 2 core 1.4 GHz CPU with integrated "GPU" that comes bolted onto a mini-ITX board. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 server edition, and 16 gigs of RAM (couldn't find less, sorry), and it's barely breaking a sweat. 

So all in all, you can get away with running TrinityCore on _really_ low spec hardware if you're aiming for a small server. Just some FYI if anyone's interested.

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Most people who have a larger user base just run a Virtual Computer hosted in a cloud like service such as AWS or one of the many VPS style video game server hosting websites.

Still very cool info.

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