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Can't Connect/Login on Fresh Server


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First of all, this is my first experience with pserver's at all.

So, i just finished installing my pserver and bot the auth and worldserver are starting up sucessfully.
when i now try to connect to it using a pserver launcher and the edited config to SET portal "88.xxx.xx.xx".
I Have created a user and am running on main.
I've checked the realmlist table and everything is intact.
the gamebuild is the same as the gameid from my client.
my adress and localadress fields are set to my external ip.
But Whenever i try to login i just getting the Error "BLZ51914001".

My Question now is, how do i connect sucessfully.
I've tried changing BindIP to my actual external ip, i've tried checking the ports using nmap and it told me 1119, 8081, 8085, 8086  are all open.
When i am pinging port 1119 i am getting an console output in my bnetserver window telling me : "[198.1xxx.xx.xxx:35249] SSL Handshake failed stream truncated"
But Whenver i try to connect using the pserver launcher it displays nothing.

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