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  1. Ähm.... Ich make all as root. I make me later a User for Trinity and change the rules from the directorys.. Do you want to make a Tutorial where all make as root ? Then i can fix my German Tutorial. I need tomorrow a running TrinityCore Server.
  2. Maxx, I have just learned from Server4You that it can be updated in theory already on Debian 5.0. Even if you virtouzzo 3 The problem with the whole thing is then in Plesk. Plesk requires more than 8.4 virtouzzo 4 and the host system from my virtual Server has virtouzzo 3. Your root server has probably already virtouzzo 4 and, therefore, could you Easy on Debian Lenny.
  3. After 2 hours, not 1 response from Server4You -.- I hate this company. It upsets me Beastly. And TrinityCore Developer can do nothing ? Not too long ago, it was yet too.
  4. Server4You is something totally real slow. For the first 5.0 Offers you have taken nearly 5 months after 5.0 came out. Thank you for your hope. I hope that Server4You help me in any way. Is it possible to somehow fiddle to the core so that it goes well with 4.0? At that time it went it. Is my Google Translator English O.K?
  5. My Hostsystem has the Virtuozzo-Version "Virtuozzo release 3.0.0 ". The Hostsystem need "Virtuozzo 4" for Debian 5.0. Server4You is a bad Host. I asked the support. Actually, should the host system a long time "Virtuozzo 4" However there are problems. I've just created a ticket and ask it how long it takes until about Debian 5.0 is possible. I hope it takes not so long.
  6. I have a good manual, how can I upgrade my system to Debian 5.0, but my server is not designed or the hardware does not meet the minimum standard of Debian Lenny. What should I do exactly? I am familiar with the Linux system does not look so good and now I have zero idea what to do.
  7. Hi, i have a Linux Debian 4.0 Plesk 8.4 64 Bit vServer machine... cmake was successful. This cmake Code i have use: cmake ../TrinityCore -DPREFIX=/home/TrinityCore/build in the build directory.
  8. The same error occurs in "jemalloc"if I score in the "make"rather than "make-j 4" compile.
  9. Hello, If the area is wrong please move. I had an error when compiling. Here is the compile excerpt: [email protected]:/home/trinitycore/build# make -j 4 && make install Scanning dependencies of target jemalloc Scanning dependencies of target g3dlib Scanning dependencies of target gsoap Scanning dependencies of target revision.h -- WARNING - No revision-information found [ 0%] Built target revision.h [ 0%] Building CXX object dep/gsoap/CMakeFiles/gsoap.dir/soapC.cpp.o Scanning dependencies of target shared_pch_dephelp [ 0%] Building C object dep/jemalloc/CMakeFi
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