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  1. Got it working, just redid settings in the new conf vs the one from a few days ago. The logger section, can a few examples be put into the section to show how to properly use the appenders? Tried adding colors, etc and cannot seem to get it working. Some of things I've tried to get working ... Appender.Flags=0 Appender.Loglevel=0 Appender.optional1="1 9 8 14 11 13" Tried the word colors instead of optional1 also ...
  2. Just did a fresh build from Master 10 minutes ago from this post and the worldserver just crashes ... even used the conf files that came with it to see if it would not crash and it crashed still ... this a problem with the new logger code?
  3. Just compiled the newest version of TC and my Auth and World server windows are blank ... I can load the game just fine. Is this something new?
  4. Did a fresh new compile ... TrinityCore rev. 2012-05-20 13:22:16 -0700 <69a4ac220904+> Win32 Compile went perfect, WorldServer loads fine ... Just get two error messages and wondering ( I pray I didn't) ... did I miss an SQL update? Here is the error lines ... SmartAIMgr: EntryOrGuid 11455 using event<11> has invalid action type <0>, skipped. SmartAIMgr: EntryOrGuid 11457 using event<10> has invalid action type <0>, skipped.
  5. 11>D:\Trinity Core\AHModCore\src\server\scripts\Northrend\Ulduar\Ulduar\boss_yoggsaron.cpp(32): error C2365: 'SPELL_SARAS_ANGER' : redefinition; previous definition was 'enumerator' 11> D:\Trinity Core\AHModCore\src\server\scripts\Northrend\Ulduar\Ulduar\boss_yoggsaron.cpp(31) : see declaration of 'SPELL_SARAS_ANGER' 11>D:\Trinity Core\AHModCore\src\server\scripts\Northrend\Ulduar\Ulduar\boss_yoggsaron.cpp(34): error C2365: 'SPELL_SARAS_FEVOR' : redefinition; previous definition was 'enumerator' 11> D:\Trinity Core\AHModCore\src\server\scripts\Northrend\Ulduar\Ulduar\boss_yoggsaron.cpp(33) : see declaration of 'SPELL_SARAS_FEVOR' 11>D:\Trinity Core\AHModCore\src\server\scripts\Northrend\Ulduar\Ulduar\boss_yoggsaron.cpp(35): error C2365: 'SPELL_SARAS_BLESSING' : redefinition; previous definition was 'enumerator' 11> D:\Trinity Core\AHModCore\src\server\scripts\Northrend\Ulduar\Ulduar\boss_yoggsaron.cpp(30) : see declaration of 'SPELL_SARAS_BLESSING' This happened after pulling the most recent files on Sunday May 13th at 11:30pm PST Thx
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