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  1. https://github.com/FrancescoBorzi/why-I-hate-wow-private-servers#disclaimer-for-fellow-developers 

    Disclaimer for fellow developers


    Here I'm trying to explain things in a simple way, so what you are going to read might not be 100% technically accurate/detailed but I really did my best to put things in simple words in order to make it understandable for non-developers.

    For example:

    • I'm aware of GPL not being exaclty like AGPL and I'm aware of the ASP loophole issue
    • I know that MaNGOS comes from WoWDaemon and I know that "MaNGOS" wasn't the only piece but to be fair I should mention other projects of the MaNGOS ecosystem such as ScritpDev2, UDB;
    • I'm also aware that MaNGOS wasn't the only WoW emulator back in the days (sorry Antrix/Ascent/Arcemu guys! it is absolutely not my intention to belittle your work)
    • and I'm probably aware of whatever else you might find not 100% accurate from my article.

    HOWEVER... I just didn't want to make my story more technical than it already is, in order to make any random WoW player understand my point.

    This is NOT supposed to be an accurate story of WoW emulation. This is just supposed to make non-technical people aware of what's going on behind private servers, as nowadays most of them run on MaNGOS-based cores.

  2. Since using LUA one can write code for both the WoW client and the server (using Eluna), I thought it would be interesting to know that whenever you used LUA before, you can now use TypeScript thanks to this transpiler:


    A generic TypeScript to Lua transpiler. Write your code in TypeScript and publish Lua!

    TypeScript is a modern language. According to Stackoverflow it was one of the most loved languages of 2018. I've been using it a work and I'm quite happy with it.

  3. 13 hours ago, Dibby said:

    can any one help me with this I'm getting


    clang: error: no such file or directory: '/usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysqlclient_r.dylib'


    ** BUILD FAILED **



    The following build commands failed:

        Ld build/src/server/authserver/Release/authserver normal x86_64

    (1 failure)

    you need to set the following cmake param:

    -DMYSQL_LIBRARY=/usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysqlclient_r.dylib \

    with the correct path of your libmysqlclient_r.dylib which evidently is not located under /usr/local/mysql/lib/ in your machine.

  4. 11 hours ago, UncleChristiof said:

    There is no any quick and easy way to install php without editing a huge amount of files?

    Of course there is, there is LAMP on Linux and WAMP on Windows. And Mac there is already PHP installed, you have just to enable it.

    E.g. it's very easy to install everything needed to run the TC-JSON-API on Ubuntu, just by installing LAMP and enabling MCRYPT.

    You just need to google these things, feel free to ask if you are in trouble.

  5. On 10/12/2015, 13:08:42, UncleChristiof said:

    I don't know what I should see when I go to http://localhost/TC-JSON-API/public/index.php, but there is only white page without anything. 

    Ok so the problem is not Keira2 bu the API. Did you read the instructions ? Pay attention also to Requirements and Troubleshooting, they should help you a lot:



    In order to install this API, your system must have:

    • TDB 335.59 or newer
    • PHP 5.4 or newer
    • Mcrypt PHP Extension
    • PHP Sqlite driver (php5-sqlite)


    • Ensure that the entire folder TC-JSON-API (including all its files and subfolders) have the proper file permissions.

    • If you get white page or any error, check storage/logs to understand what happens.

    • If for some reasons the API is not able to read from .env file, you have to configure database manually in config/database.php file.

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