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  1. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is the culprit: the port for some reason was set to 7878 so i thought ok let me portforward it and i did and it did not get stuck on realm selection just on success so i thought wait a minute this is suppose to be set to 8085 so i change it to that and it worked lol!. thank you all for helping and ofc CDawg was right.
  2. as you can see port 80, 8085 are listening to PID 2112(worldserver) and port 3724 is listening to PID 3364(authserver) while 3306 is listening to PID 2368(MySQL) also my firewall is allowing auth and world to connect i will run some other tests soon i just hope i get more input as to what might be the issue. As you can see localhost is established with port 3306 to PID 2368(MySQL) and here you can see that there is a close_wait connection with port 80 on PID 2940(AvastUi) which is my antivirus, though i am not sure what it means.
  3. i redid the world database but still stuck on realm list loop not sure if there is an order of configuration (DB, cmake, Vc++, auth.exe, worldserver.exe..) but i do try to follow the guide, i will eventually try to do everything from scratch or build a virtual pc and see what the results are.
  4. for some reason even after i uninstalled HeidiSQL and re-installed it I still had to use the original (user/pass) login, this lead to the question if uninstalling everything and starting fresh is possible or not? this is why i tried to do a system recovery which did not delete all the setting as i said the login info for the TDB was still needed to login.
  5. here is my TDB uath: as you can see its set to localhost. i also follow CDawg direction and create a new path through CMD prompt and enter setx path "%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd here is my worldserver with rev numbers not 000: though i am not sure were to find the server list to see if its populated if you are talking about my auth, characters and world DB's then yes they are populated. i also deleted cmake cache to rebuild the release folder and still i get realm loop.
  6. hello I recently finished setting up a 3.3.5 trinity sever on win7 thanks to the http://www.trinitycore.info/How-to:Win everything went pretty smooth i was able to log in to the server and play locally then i decided to make it public so i can share it with my friends and ofc that went wrong and now this is my 3rd day on researching how to fix this issue. I read plenty of post but not one seems to give a clear answer. i got desperate so i decided to do a windows recovery to see if i could start from fresh and well that did not help after i re-installed everything still stuck in realm loop. here is my authserver file: and here is my worldserver file: here is my authserver.exe: and here is my worldserver.exe: Please help.
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