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  1. @AussieGuy if you look at trinity wiki.. yes you have correct.. but as demo: look at gameobject 32 : https://www.wow-private server linkin is forbidden.com/object_finder.php?object=32 you see: loot should be Oslow's Toolbox = item 1309 in T725_world.gameobject_template you find in data1 an value of 1683 in T725_world.gameobject_loot_template for entry 1683 you find loot 1309.. so wiki description and content of the table are not valid.. (and if you search more.. if wpp fill data to data30 and data1 is then set to 0.. all this quest are broken.. )
  2. i notized that gameobjects type 3 = chest has data 0-32 in client 7.xx in description are both data1 and data30 involved in loot. from wpp the needed quest_loot is stored to data30 but our core need quest_loot in Data1.. so the gameobject is not "glitter" and is not "clickable" : quest can't be done.. is this a failure from wpp or a failure from core????
  3. you're database 'characters' is not uptodate.. to see what's table is wrong, you can create a start.bat text file.. insert 2 lines worldserver.exe pausein the console window you can on crash see the last error message.
  4. The DK quest 12716 "The Plaguebringer's Reques" objective: Noth the Plaguebringer has requested that you bring him 1 Empty Cauldron, 1 Iron Chain and 10 Crusader Skulls. on sniff I find out: on queststart the podest should be empty, after reward quest, spell 52706 create the Cauldron and 3 Iron Chain up on the podest(shown as short video ), then spell-aura 52707 should make the Cauldron visible to you. (caster & target=player) how can we do so with gameobject 190936 the Cauldron??? and give him invisibility to (misc = 10 (10), miscB = 0) frank
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