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  1. codeman3518

    Still have eggs from Noblegarden

    oh okay, I will double check to make sure the other ones are okay but last time I checked on mine it was but I forgot if I requested the commit or not if not I will send it.
  2. Next full database release because I am going to request the commit before it goes to update
  3. codeman3518

    Client stuck at logging into server

    First off are you just exiting the window when the server is on or are you actually using the command on the server to shut down or restart the server for both realm and world? Also can you post your config files link them so I can see what your settings are if you can please thanks.
  4. codeman3518

    Still have eggs from Noblegarden

    Changes have been made for 7.3.5 have you checked 7.3.5 or you just saying this happens for 3.3.5a only, because 4.3.4 has it no more either after the update. Just trying to check which one you are getting this in so I know where to commit it to.
  5. Script dev team which you can but the commit is also coming for the next release so just be patient it will be fixed in the next one or I can just send for commit either way.
  6. codeman3518

    [HELP] how to get spanish tdbÇ?

    Right in the conf file can override all this to change the language needed.
  7. codeman3518

    macOS master branch compilation via Homebrew

    I tried it with 5.7 and it worked just fine for me for Mac, Windows, and Linux, so post back if it still doesn't work just to have the heads up thanks.
  8. codeman3518

    Smart_Scripts Event Player only

    I have only been able to do this kind of trigger changing the code and not in smart scripts, which the last time I checked there was no way to do this with the updated scripts right now because it is not finished but I could be wrong it has been a while since I looked.
  9. codeman3518

    Segmentation fault (core dumped) 7.3.5 Legion

    After tweaking the data I noticed there were spikes mainly over time after using shadow bolt or drain life then crashing if nothing changed from that point on, and I tried updating this on the server making some changes, I am going to submit it for commit with my other updates when I am done.
  10. This has all been fixed with the other database team that is working on broken shore and other added content data.
  11. codeman3518

    My worldserver and authserver wont open

    First off there is no way you are clearing the whole thing so you need to force complete one and you need to just delete your whole database and I mean everything then let the server update the SQL for you.
  12. codeman3518

    Mac Connection Patcher

    I was wondering if anyone had the connection_patcher for mac the .app file, thanks.
  13. codeman3518

    6.x password hash generation

    Is there a reason why you don't use the other hash or different method for the web app
  14. codeman3518

    Can't Learn Any Profession on Master build

    This issue has been started with a fix already but it isn't being pushed yet because it is not ready yet
  15. codeman3518

    Question about the 6.2.3 client offline

    Just wondering since trinitycore only supports 3.3.5a and 7.2.5 why would you want 6.2.4 when you can get the other ones or even the higher one after that or even 4.3.4