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  1. darki73

    Opening db2 files

    @Daniel25 There is no need to compile, @CDawg just pointed you to the repo. Here is the direct link to the latest (17-08-2017) version of the compiled application from their "Releases" page - https://github.com/WowDevTools/WDBXEditor/releases/download/1.0.8/WDBX.Editor.zip Just keep in mind, it might take a minute to start up due to the "auto update" being broken (maybe fixed already), if you will see any errors after startup just ignore them (application cannot contact update server). P.S. Some of the db2 files do not contain "proper" column definitions (in WDBXEditor), so you might want to use https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/src/server/game/DataStores/DB2Structure.h for the reference of the column structure
  2. What do you mean by "improve AI level"? My suggestion to your friend is to buy subscription for WoW and at least try to complete Tomb of Sargeras on Heroic difficulty.
  3. darki73

    Patch 7.2.5 a lot of revisions.

    They are trying to fix all the new issues with the core as well as the problem with balance arises with the new sets from ToS. As you can see from today's build, they've nerfed priests damage and buffed their intellect (I main priest, yes) in pvp. Just incremental builds for hotfixes
  4. darki73

    item_template no longer in DB

    Don't know if there are any updated tools for this matter, but what you can do is (with PHP): Read file as binary ('rb' option for fopen) Read first 4 bytes of the stream to find out which type of the file it is (WDB2, WDB5, etc) Unpack stream of bytes (according to order of bytes) Perform any necessary operations to get data from the file I've made a script for doing that, however, cant share it, since it depends on the other framework classes and methods, and obviously i cannot share the framework (for now). Can only give you the following part (these are the variables you will most likely need to work with) protected $wdbVersion = 0; protected $isWDBC = false; protected $idField = 0; protected $idMap = []; protected $headerFieldCount = 0; protected $recordCount = 0; protected $fieldCount = 0; protected $recordSize = 0; protected $stringBlockSize = 0; protected $tableHash = 0; protected $layoutHash = 0; protected $build = 0; protected $timestamp = 0; protected $flags = 0; protected $minId = 0; protected $maxId = 0; protected $locale = 0; protected $commonBlockSize = 0; protected $copyBlockSize = 0; protected $headerSize = 0; protected $headerFormat = null; protected $preambleLength = 0; protected $hasEmbeddedStrings = false; protected $totalFieldCount = 0; protected $hasIdBlock = false; protected $hasIdsInIndexBlock = false; protected $idBlockPosition = 0; protected $indexBlockPosition = 0; protected $commonBlockPosition = 0; protected $stringBlockPosition = 0; protected $copyBlockPosition = 0; protected $endOfFile = 0; protected $recordFormat = []; protected $recordOffsets = null; protected $commonLookup = [];
  5. darki73

    6.x password hash generation

    Well... i pretended that i am really stupid (well, it seems that actually i am) and tried to simply use the username column from the account database... It worked, hash for the account database is the $username = '1#1'; echo sha1(strtoupper($username . ':' . $password))
  6. darki73

    6.x password hash generation

    I am checking against hashes which are made by the worldserver application. I've managed to get hash for battlenet_accounts with following function strtoupper(bin2hex(strrev(hex2bin(strtoupper(hash("sha256",strtoupper(hash("sha256", strtoupper($username)).":".strtoupper($password)))))))); Now i have some thoughts about the account table... Will share if i will succeed
  7. darki73

    6.x password hash generation

    @Rochet2 Thanks for your reply, however, i still have 0 understanding on how either of them is generated
  8. So i guess it is pretty obvious about what am i going to ask =) Problem is, previousle we could just sha1 username and password separated by colon and here is the sha_pass_hash. The problem i am facing right now, is that according to https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/86b98686a95e23247ecb774fb23ecd5b8d94b97b/src/server/game/Accounts/BattlenetAccountMgr.cpp#L177 Trinity now uses SHA256, so the hashes do not match anymore. The thing is, password length in database is 40 symbols (exactly as many as in sha1 hash), but sha256 hash length is 64 characters long. I am confused... I've tried to recreate whole "Cryptography" thing on PHP but, guess what, failed. Can somebody explain me how the password is generated nowadays? Thank you for your attention.
  9. darki73

    Compile or cmake problems

    Just cloned repo and after compilation got this error: D:\Developer\ZeroMQ 4.0.4\bin\libzmq-v120-mt-4_0_4.dll : fatal error LNK1107: invalid or corrupt file: cannot read at location 0x2E0Here is CMAKE output I'm running latest Boost/ZMQ libraries (which are provided by tutorial), still getting this error on all Windows machines. Any help? Please? SORRY! i'm guess i'm somewhat retarded.... included dll instead of lib