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  1. Hi! So I have been googling around and so on but havent find a solution! A friend told me he wanted to open the gate for Ahn'Qiraj but when we went there it was already open. So I started googling about reseting it, but cant find any. I did give myself, a GM character, the achivement and mount but I did delete that character a few days ago. So can I reset all the achivements and close the gate to AQ? I did see somewhere that you can disable achivements for GM accounts but cant find that either in the config. Thanks
  2. Ofcourse I need to open ports for friends to connect? The server is still behind a router ( So in the auth and worldserver, CHECK Well, the is for me. When Im trying to connect to my ip (from gaming computer), I mean the internet ip or whatever you call it, it doesnt work. I have asked a friend to do that also but no luck there either. I guess it will take some time for you to answer again so in the meanwhile Ill try to remove the no-ip thingy and just try my "internet-ip"
  3. Hello! Soooo Im having issues connecting to my server from my gaming computer to the server computer. Im using 3.3.5 branch. My server computer is behind first router in the house ( and my gaming computer is behind that router also but also behind ( but that shouldnt matter just connecting I guess? But wanted to put it out there. I have set up a DNS and that one works connecting to to the server from the servercomputer. I have opened all the ports, probably more then I need. I have tried to change the localAddress inside auth / realmlist / data to everything I can think of. To the dns, to all my LAN ips, to WAN ip none worked for me to connect to from the gaming computer. I have added servercomputer ip to hosts file ( and WAN ip and ( I have tried changing the bind ip inside authserver.conf but have understood that it should be ( I am running out of options to try. Please, I have been sitting here for 3 days now, reinstalling, troubleshooting, googling. DM me and we can write to eachother on discord? Fast answers Im thinking.
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