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  1. Ah, it's not -i neither -o, but -d Thanks, now it's working!
  2. I did, started wow.exe, quit, started vmap4extractor.exe, and got this error :/
  3. Hi! I have 3.3.5a and 4.3.2 installed on my pc, and i need to extract the vmaps,maps and dbc files, but when i run the extractor, i get a lot of error... Extracting World\Wmo\Cataclysm\Firelands\Lavaboss_Platform\Firelands_Lavaboss_Platform_Destruction.wmo No such file. Couldn't open RootWmo!!! Extracting World\Wmo\Northrend\Buildings\Nocollision_Destruct.wmo No such file. Couldn't open RootWmo!!! Extracting World\Wmo\Northrend\Buildings\Human\Nd_Alliancegunship_Dragonsoul.wmo No such file. Couldn't open RootWmo!!! Done! Extract V4.00 2012_02. Work complete. No errors. D:\World of Warcraft>vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps using Buildings as source directory and writing output to vmaps Could not read dir_bin file! exit with errors Any idea? Thanks in advance and greetings from Hungary!
  4. Hi, i have latest revision downloaded, compiled, but when i run worldserver.exe, i get a lot of this line: Creature (GUID: 14145) does not exist but has a record in `creature_addon` Something wrong in the db, maybe an update that i did not applied?? Loading Creature Data... SQL: SELECT creature.guid, id, map, modelid,equipment_id, position_x, position_y , position_z, orientation, spawntimesecs, spawndist, currentwaypoint,curhealth, curmana, DeathState, MovementType, spawnMask, phaseMask, eventEntry, pool_entry, creature.npcflag, creature.unit_flags, creature.dynamicflags FROM creature LEFT OUTER JOIN game_event_creature ON creature.guid = game_event_creature.guid LEFT OUTER JOIN pool_creature ON creature.guid = pool_creature.guid ERROR: [1054] Unknown column 'eventEntry' in 'field list' MySQLConnection::_HandleMySQLErrno >> Loaded 0 creatures. DB table `creature` is empty. My creature table is NOT empty. I had a patched server with wowarmory from getmangos community forum, after i updated the source, and compiled it i got these lines, and every creatures are disappeared from the world, however they are exists in the db. Any idea?
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