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  1. Yes, at least 2 times between tests, if you want to test/check by yourself i can download teamviewer.
  2. Here they are CMakeCache.txt revision_data.h
  3. So... today i updated a 3 month old Clean TC Core (I didn't have this error with that old rev) and now im getting this error: http://puu.sh/opgJn/72946188c0.png This is the weird part, the issue is that the DB Updater cannot detect my Mysql Executable Path. The config says: # # MySQLExecutable # Description: The path to your mysql cli binary. # If the path is left empty, built-in path from cmake is used. # Example: "C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.6/bin/mysql.exe" # "mysql.exe" # "/usr/bin/mysql" # Default: "" MySQLExecutable = "" This is MySQLExecutable directory: http://puu.sh/opg8L/46bf1ed683.png These are my compilation files (just in case): http://puu.sh/opgch/18a6d2f7c1.png This is the Path Cmake AutoDetects: http://puu.sh/opg9T/58b836e4c6.png as you can see, it's detecting my actual mysql executable path. So why i am getting that error? as i stated before, this was not an issue with a 3 month old core, so it's pretty much a new issue, maybe core side? Btw, i did "solve it" changing the config default path # Default: "" to MySQLExecutable = "C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6/bin/mysql.exe" but obviusly that is just bypassing the real issue. Any ideas on why i have this issue? could it be core side issue or local issue? Thanks for taking the time to read.
  4. Hello! Somedays ago i edited the Configs on my Server and changed MapUpdate.Threads = 4. Since that day, some weird stuff started to happen, for example... sometimes Arenas don't start, sometimes they do but players can't attack each other, other players who are in Dalaran are getting trapped on the teleport that prevents one faction to enter the other faction Vendors (Idk how to explain this so i'm just gonna post a picture so u get what i mean) http://puu.sh/hfpVc/6f55d7bdaa.jpg So my question is this... does changing MapUpdate.Threads >1 could make this kind of bugs appear on a centos server? it seems like... from time to time, DBC or Maps are not being correctly read, i guess that why this bugs appear. Has anybody else with MapUpdate MapUpdate.Threads >1 had any of this bugged appear randomly? Thanks for your time. Im currently using this rev:https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/7fa1f9587c0496c2b71742e49745187c6ed55e14
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