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  1. Ah, that is a good point, thanks for the advice! I'll look into trying another CMS in the future; I've messed with Drupal a little bit and thought it was ok.
  2. Thanks for the list. It looks like most of that affects the stable version (3.4.5) or lower though; I update from the staging branch daily (running 3.5 atm).
  3. I ended up just taking the registration page from Jeutie's WotLK repack (which uses SOAP), stripping off the images, made the CSS look a tiny bit better, added some easy config switches to support other emus and xpacs, and currently have it integrated with Joomla in the off-canvas sidebar with T3/Purity III. It doesn't look amazing (not that it really needs to), but it seems to get the job done nicely. Here's the GitLab repo for it for anyone interested: https://gitlab.com/Espionage724/SOAP-Registration-Site And a (slightly-older) preview of how it looks in Joomla: Hmm, how is Joomla insecure? I think I have my setup pretty good to go, but if there's anything I might have missed, I'd be interested to know.
  4. Lets say I want a 3.3.5 server where it is always day, regardless of the server time. No night, no dawn, no dusk; just sun always shining even at 2AM Is such a thing possible?
  5. ​Is that it? There was another guide I saw where you had to manually set the gmlevel of that account to something above 3, then manually do a bunch of rbac-related things for that particular account so that it could have rights to create user accounts.
  6. Seems Jeutie's registration page from his repack over on AC-web is the lightest thing I could find. Not sure if it would be better to ask here or just start a new thread, but I'm having a problem using it, and I'm pretty sure it has to do with RBAC permissions. Is there an up-to-date guide anywhere that would happen to have a proper account creation procedure for the account associated with account registration pages?
  7. Hi; in-short, I'm looking for some code I could adapt to work as an account-registration form (or module for Joomla) for a TC 3.3.5a server, but I don't really know where to begin. From my limited understanding, the best way to handle account registrations is through SOAP or RA (SOAP being a better choice), and the old way of handling it was to just import stuff straight into the account database? If SOAP is the best option, do I just need some sort of script (php?) to go from the website to the SOAP server (which I assume TC's worldserver is hosting)? Or does it need to also know what the database is too? I saw someone's example SOAP script, and it had both, but I would think that SOAP from TC would just know the databases on it's own? Would a single script be able to know what SOAP even is or how to send any info to it? In the past, I usually handled account registrations through some large CMS that was repacked specifically for WoW, but I'm trying to avoid this. I'm pretty sure such account pages just sent the info straight into the database and users had to wait for the accounts to be refreshed I think automatically by the auth/realm/loginserver. Ideally, I'd like for some simple readable code I could work with to toss into a Joomla module or page that just asks what a user wants for a username and pass, possibly some checks to make sure it isn't being abused (like mass-registering hundreds of accounts for some reason), and upon pressing a confirm button, that info would be sent to where it needs to go (either SOAP or the db directly) to make the account. Doesn't have to be flashy at all.
  8. Hi, just for a little introduction, I've been using CMaNGOS for a while and today I started making a 6.x server; so far it seems to be going well and I'm just waiting on mmaps to finish extracting currently. I'm curious as to how big the mmaps folder should be (just to get a rough idea as to when it'll complete)? So far, my mmaps folder is 2.8GB and I'm extracting from the latest WoD client (6.2.2a I think). Edit: mmaps folder is 3.9GB with 8608 items in it. Took 11640639ms (a little over 3 hours) with a FX-8350. And for the other question, I'm just wondering if I need to do anything else in-terms of database configuration. I manually created the databses (auth, characters, world, hotfixes), and in a bit I plan on importing the TDB_Full DB to world (mistakenly assumed it was included in the git repo). From what I read, does the server handle the initial database import (for all except world) and any database sql updates needed for those 4 databases?
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