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Found 3 results

  1. Hello user! Help me please. How to extract the client DBC, Maps, VMaps & VMaps. I for some reason after 3.3.5 can not understand what to do in the new version. I hope for you.
  2. Hello. I'm having some errors in the worldserver console when entering the starting area of the Death Knight. TrinityCore 3.3.5 was compiled last night, and maps,vmaps and mmaps have been extracted about 1-2 weeks ago maximum. The errors i'm getting is this : http://imgur.com/yrj6XQW Does this only mean that the mmaps aren't loaded in that area and aren't working or is it something more serious ? The first time i created a Death Knight and started the quest Death Comes From On High , after reaching New Avalon with the Eye of Acherus, i've noticed that there we're no mission
  3. Hi, just for a little introduction, I've been using CMaNGOS for a while and today I started making a 6.x server; so far it seems to be going well and I'm just waiting on mmaps to finish extracting currently. I'm curious as to how big the mmaps folder should be (just to get a rough idea as to when it'll complete)? So far, my mmaps folder is 2.8GB and I'm extracting from the latest WoD client (6.2.2a I think). Edit: mmaps folder is 3.9GB with 8608 items in it. Took 11640639ms (a little over 3 hours) with a FX-8350. And for the other question, I'm just wondering if I need to do anything else
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