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  1. I am running 6.x I edited my wordconfig, and my bnetserver.conf and put my correct mysql information in there. I went into the realmlist.wtf in the wow/wtf directory, and pointed the portal to my localhost. When I try to login it it says "you have been disconnected." I feel like it's not even pointing to my server?? It doesn't even attempt to login. I did create the account on the server (through worldserver.exe) . Is there a reason this is happening? 1/2 02:43:10.378 Failed to resolve localhost.logon.battle.net 1/2 02:43:10.392 LOGIN: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: DISCONNECTED 1/2 02:43:10.392 Login program=WoW platform=Wn64 locale=enUS 1/2 02:43:10.392 Component WoW.Wn64.20779 1/2 02:43:10.392 Component WoW.base.20726 1/2 02:43:10.392 Battle.net is Component Bnet.Wn64.37165 1/2 02:43:10.392 Client Disconnect due to reason:8 I am running bnetserver.exe and it seems that it's not even picking up a connection from WOW. And yes my WOW is fully upgraded. (I own WOW) EDIT: Nevermind. I didn't realize I had to run the connection_patcher from the given tools. I got it. Thank you!
  2. I am running SQLYog. When I try to import Auth, or chracters with it i keep getting "Error Code: 1044 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' to database 'information_schema'". If i import the full database download, it executes fine. Which I am assuming is the full world databse. All the instructions on how to import the database correctly are not there on the HELP wiki. i don't get what I am doing wrong with characters and auth. Am i even getting the right files on the TrinityCore site?
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