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  1. I did noticed that on a recent compile as well but I haven't had an chance to dig deeper. If you think it is a valid issue you can post it on the Issue tab on Git page.
  2. Thanks Nay, I saw that maxSuccessOpens was decprecated but the fishing_node type 25 utilizes maxRestock for a similar function, I just wanted to confirm that it was only active for fishing_node and that I was missing some other obscure usage of that value. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hello all, would someone be able to tell me what the maxRestock value (data5 for GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_CHEST) does? From the wiki page it is seem allow multiple loots on the GO, similar to mining in vanilla and tbc (I think the original field was called maxSuccessfulOpens) but changes to the value of Data4 and Data5 don’t seem to have any effect. After the edits the GO is still only lootable once before despawning. Is there a core edit that is required for this or am I misinterpreting this field? I am running a recent compile of the 3.3.5 branch.
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