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  1. Hi, Following one recent commit officially adding MariaDB 10.4 support, I took this opportunity to update my database server (from MariaDB 10.1 to MariaDB 10.4) and compiled the game server with the corresponding libraries instead of MySQL 5.7. Everything went fine and the server runs properly. I had one tiny little issue though: I had to fill the MySQLExecutable variable in the conf file otherwise the worldserver executable wouldn't launch: Didn't find any executable MySQL binary at '/Server/Release/bin/Release' or in path, correct the path in the *.conf ("MySQLExecutable").
  2. Yeah, the idea vaguely crossed my mind (just vaguely). Thanks for reminding me! But after testing, it still doesn't work So I did more research and truth is, I'm stupid, I need to buy those tabs before being allowed to access the options. Fixed then
  3. Hi, I don't know if this is an issue or an intended behavior, as I lack knowledge. I created a server few weeks ago and at the moment, it's up to date with this commit: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/59ac77522347310deba77195e3b2c5d8552561e3 There's not enough players right now on this server to create a guild the legit way, so I used the associated gm command to create it. And as I now have a "veteran" playing with us, I discovered this "issue" (or is it?): only the guild master is granted "access" to the bank tab (at the bottom of the guild management pa
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