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  1. Hey, i looking for a good cms where i can install. Please give me some tipps, i only find outdatet shit
  2. Hey, when GM's try to whisper we will get the error "No player named **** is currently playing" wenn the other player is a gm too. And a normal player can't speak with a gm. How is posible to deactivate this function? GM Mode is off...
  3. Hey, some Charskins are Buggy. In the Console i get this Error Its a fresh Installation of TrinityCore on Ubuntu 16 The 3.3.5 Client is from https://www.warmane.com/ How i can fix that? Thanks
  4. The above parameters when combined into a full example : cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/<username>/server -DWITH_WARNINGS=1 Another Example Below: cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/wow/server -DCONF_DIR=/home/wow/server/etc -DTOOLS=1 -DWITH_WARNINGS=1 sry i don't understand. When i wan't a normal "basic" installation what command i need to execute? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your fast answer. I try this at the first and its not work so i try 14.04 and i get the same problem
  6. Hey, i try to install a trinitycore 3.5.5 Server on a VMWare (Ubuntu 14.04) I follow some guides and the TrinityCore Compille Tutortial... Everytime when i executed the cmake command i get a error. Look here in the log, why i get this errors and how i can fix that? Sorry for my bad english. I hope so much for your Support, thanks.
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