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  1. Update here: Worked with OP through PM and got the server setup complete, so its solved for now
  2. Does anyone encounter issues with "Invalid Target" when trying to mine (for me it's copper veins for a fresh char)? Trying to push the self-cast/other modifier buttons does not fix it, as well as re-logging on. Branch: Master
  3. Hey guys, when updating the master branch, do I need to manually run the updated SQL files? Or does it get packed along the executable and gets run when I start the server? Thanks
  4. From what I gather you'll need to setup separate databases if you need to mix 3.3.5 and master, so the config files will need quite a bit of tweaking. Yeah you don't need to; I've spot checked my DB and it contains all the update SQL's that were provided in the source directory. I think the updates folder is only really needed when you update the source and you don't need to recompile, then you will likely need to run the updates yourself.
  5. Ouch, that's a handful. I think you should stick to trying one version, i.e. in this case just try installing + running master? I don't think mixing both 3.3.5 and master on the same machine will work nicely heh In the installation steps, did you do this part prior to running worldserver to import the TDB sql? Installing The Trinity Databases Import master branch or 3.3.5a branch with your favorite mysql client with root account before starting core. Trinity needs 3 databases to run at 3.3.5 branch and 4 for master - Auth, Characters, World and hotfixes (master only): auth - holds account data - usernames, passwords, GM access, realm information, etc. characters - holds character data - created characters, inventory, bank items, auction house, tickets, etc. world - holds game-experience content such as NPCs, quests, objects, etc hotfixes (master only) - holds fixes not already added to the core or other official databases. I think you can drop all the required tables (auth, characters, world and hotfixes) and restart the import process to redo it. Hope it helps!
  6. Woot getting closer Actually your set of files looks pretty good considering you still need to extract maps and stuff. Your remaining step should only be to extract the maps from the game directory, run connection_patcher on the game executable, and set the worldserver.conf file to point to the right IP?
  7. For the DLL files definitely make a copy, doesn't hurt to As for your release folder being empty, it looks as if you didn't get the things compiled into the folder? After I compiled everything in Visual Studio Community 2015 my folder had all those files (plus the ones I moved myself into it). Are you sure you compiled a Release version set in VS?
  8. Quoting from a few lines below your list: libmySQL.dll - C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.x\lib libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll - C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin The three DLL files are already explained there. As for the worldserver/authserver config and exe, they are located in your Build folder (i.e. C:\Build\bin\release\) Hope this helps.
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