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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I just changed my Active Solution Configuration to RelWithDebInfo as the guide stated. However, my script still isn't working properly using the .exe's from the RelWithDebInfo folder. Well, it's hard to explain but it's kind of working. The function I made makes an SQL query to a table that contains what spec has what spells, and when I use the .exe's from Release or RelWithDebInfo, it's like it's not seeing the changes I made to the database. It still changes my spells properly for the warrior class which I did first. Sorry if this isn't making sense, I'm at a loss. Edit: Hey everyone, I seem to have solved my issue. I had an incorrectly named patch file and once I fixed that things started working again. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Hi all. I was patching a custom script and building my solution wasn't fixing the issue. I copied the authserver and worldserver .exe's from my Debug folder into my Release folder and my script now works! But for some reason the .exe's are about twice as large as the old ones, and the world server takes much longer to initialize than the old one, 45 sec. compared to just 6. Any ideas on what's causing this? Sorry if it's something obvious, I've only been spending most of my time now doing .dbc editing and less in the core, so I may have forgotten something simple.
  3. I haven't made any changes to anything in C:\Trinity, all my changes have been made in E:\Build. Why would I need to run CMake again if I already have my build folder? I'm not interested in getting any updates from the web for my core.
  4. When I followed the core installation guide (https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Windows+Core+Installation) during setup, CMake had me use C:\Trinity\ for the source and D:\Build\ (E:\WoW Emulation\Build in my case) for the output. Is there changes I would make to the code that would require me to run CMake again? Because so far every change I've made (TrinityCore.sln, dbc's, .conf files) are reflected in my build folder.
  5. Okay, but do you know which repo I should be using out of the 3 in the SS? I think that's what's confusing me the most. Also, when I'm committing, am I staging just TrinityCore.sln? What about the changes I've made to dbc files, authserver.conf and worldserver.conf?
  6. Hey everyone, I'm quite confused as to how I go about using Git to save changes I've made. I know I used Git Extensions and cloned the Trinity repository during setup, but I don't know how to save changes. I tried making a new repository in my build folder but I wasn't sure that was right. I have a SS of Git Ext showing the repos on my computer. I know \Build\ is the one I created (which I'm not sure I should have), and I think \Trinity\ is the one I originally cloned, but I don't know what \Repo\ is. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm scared of losing my work as the only back ups I have so far are on a flash drive.
  7. Why can't you install the first program? Are you getting some sort of error? You're not giving us much to work with.
  8. Hmm, well I'll keep digging then. Thanks. Edit: this was bothering my OCD so I changed the MaxPlayerLevel to 31, turned off all XP gains and made the XP requirement for 30-31 be 999 XP. Much nicer on my eyes.
  9. That'd make sense. So you also have a server where the max level is less than 80 and you don't have that gap eh?
  10. Yes, MaxPlayerLevel and StartPlayerLevel are both set to 30.
  11. Hello everyone, I've made a 3.3.5 server where I want the max character level to be 30. I've gotten that set, but the UI is still displaying that it thinks there should be an XP bar. I enabled tracking of a Reputation to make it more clear what I mean. I've tried changing DEFAULT_MAX_LEVEL = 30 and MAX_LEVEL = 30 in DBCEnums.h and recompiled, but that didn't work. If you have any ideas please let me know, and thank you for having me here.
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